We call our online meditation group Meditation+ and it is located at

Here you can join together with other meditators in our tradition to log in your meditation time and help yourself to establish a regular practice . You can also communicate with fellow meditators through a live chat function. Meditation+ can be used on pc or android phone. An app for iPhone is currently in the works.

The site feature the following:

* a list of all meditation sessions in progress
* a live chat with emoticons
* a log of total minutes of the site’s meditation by hour of day for the past month
* a list of commitments that can be undertaken by members and tracked for fulfillment
* a simple notification system to trigger a sound on completion of a meditation session
* a simple audio player to notify of and listen to audio feeds from the server

While meditators from around the world log into the site around the clock; we have a special event most nights at 9:00 pm Eastern time. At this time, Venerable Yuttadhammo will hold his nightly live broadcast on YouTube with a simultaneous live audio stream to the Meditation+ community. At this time, members of the online community are invited to submit their questions about meditation and Buddhism into the site’s chat panel to be answered live during the broadcast. (Please note, we encourage all who participate in this event to log into the site and meditate with us prior to the start of the live broadcast.) For an introduction to our meditation teachings please read our booklet, available for free online at:

For especially dedicated meditators, there is even the opportunity to meet weekly with Venerable Yuttadhammo via Google Hangouts for private meditation instruction. (See Schedule tab at Meditation+.) Please note, sometimes all of the 30-minute reporting slots are filled. Kindly be patient and eventually an opportunity to receive personal instruction will open up.

We invite you to join us.


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