We call our online meditation group Meditation+ and it is located at

Here you can join together with other meditators in our tradition to log in your meditation time and help yourself to establish a regular practice . You can also communicate with fellow meditators through a live chat function. Meditation+ can be used on any computer or device as it is a mobile friendly site.

The site feature the following:

* a list of all meditation sessions in progress
* a live chat with emoticons
* a log of total minutes of the site’s meditation by hour of day for the past month
* a list of commitments that can be undertaken by members and tracked for fulfillment
* a page to submit questions which Venerable Yuttadhammo answers on the Wednesday night Q & A session on YouTube

For especially dedicated meditators, there is even the opportunity to meet weekly with Venerable Yuttadhammo via Google Hangouts for private meditation instruction. (See Schedule tab at Meditation+.) Please note, booking a weekly appointment must be done from a computer or other large screen device to display properly.

We invite you to join us.


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