All instruction and dissemination of meditation practice offered here are free of charge, and we never expect anything in return for services rendered. There are of course inherent costs involved in running courses, creating and distributing learning materials, as well as running and maintaining a meditation centre. For this reason, people often ask if there is a way they may support our organization. Below is a list of ways such kind individuals may support our cause.

Donate funds

Persons wishing to donate monetary support for our projects may donate to Sirimangalo International, our non-profit organization located in Ontario, Canada. Donations to the non-profit organization will be generally used to support our monastery and meditation centre in Hamilton, ON, as well as our online teachings including our nightly broadcast and this website. To donate to via the non-profit organization, there are presently two options. If you have a specific project in mind, please specify which you would like to support when making your donation. You can set up a one-time or monthly-repeating donation via PayPal...

Donate Via PayPal:

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Subscribe Via PayPal:

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Donate Via CHIMP:

Alternatively, you can send an on-line donation via Charitable Impact Foundation (CHIMP), a Canadian charity-based donor fund that facilitates gifts to registered charities, using the button below. You can also donate directly to Sirimangalo International by international bank transfer. Please contact our organisation for banking details.

Supporting Our Meditation Centre

Running meditation courses requires many different supplies; you can help us by donating needed items from our Amazon Wish List. If you would like to feed our meditation centre for a day, please visit the monastery's food support page.

Dissemination of the Teaching

Aside from monetary donation, simply helping to spread the word about us and our website, distributing our video, audio and written materials, or seeding our How To Meditate DVD via Bit Torrent (please visit this site for instructions on how to use Bit Torrent). Our book on How to Meditate is a good start for anyone interested in meditation in this tradition, so passing it on to others would be a great help for our work.

Building our meditation center

Persons wishing to help with our ongoing work to build a stable and lasting meditation centre should contact us for more information.
Thank you to all of those generous beings who have already supported us thus far, and may all find peace, happiness and freedom from suffering. Anumodana.

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