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Offering Food at Sirimangalo International Monastery and Meditation Centre.

If you would like to bring food to offer to the resident monk, Venerable Yuttadhammo, and any meditators at our small meditation centre; we thank you in advance for this act of generosity. In order to ensure everything goes smoothly, we ask you to use the Contact box below to let us know what day you are planning to bring food. A volunteer will contact you to confirm that Venerable Yuttadhammo will be at the monastery on that day. All food brought to the monastery should arrive by 11:00 am to ensure that it can be eaten during the allowable time for monastics and meditators.

If you would like to invite Venerable Yuttadhammo to your home for alms; please use the Contact box below and a volunteer will respond to set up a mutually convenient day.

If you would like to support our resident meditators by bringing frozen meals for them to use during their meditation course; please use the Contact box below and a volunteer will contact you to make arrangements.

For supporters who are some distance away from the monastery and cannot bring food in person; there are several options available for those who would like to offer support.

Amazaon food dana wish list has some meal options; GroceryGateway food dana wishlist has breakfast and frozen meal options available from Please refer to the instruction tab in this spreadsheet for more details. These food will support meditators currently taking course in our centre.

Recipient Name: Sirimangalo Food Dana
Address: 31 Beaucourt Rd, Hamilton, ON, L8S 2R1, Canada

To offer food dana for Venerable Yuttadhammo through Bhante’s McMaster University meal plan card, please see details in this campaign.

Establishments such as Tim Hortons, Pita Pit, Subway, and Starbucks gift card can be purchased online as well. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Tim Hortons

Pita Pit



Recipient Name: Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu
Recipient Email:
Address: 31 Beaucourt Rd, Hamilton, ON, L8S 2R1, Canada

(Please note; while these cards sometimes offer an option to personalize the gift card with a photo, we respectfully request that you not add photos of the Buddha or honorable monastics to these cards. Regular, non personalized cards are most appropriate.)

At times we have had distance supporters who wished to arrange for a restaurant meal to be delivered to the monastery. While this is a kind and generous intention, we’ve run into difficulties in that many of the area restaurants are unwilling to accept a credit card payment over the phone and instead require a cash or credit card payment at the door when the food is delivered. Many of the area restaurants also cannot offer delivery by 11:00 am. If at any time, we become aware of a local restaurant which both offers meal delivery by 11:00 am and will also accept an online or over-the-phone payment; we will happily pass along this information. But at this time; we are not aware of a local restaurant that can facilitate the sending of a meal by someone at a distance.

Another option is to consider sending a gift that will be useful to the monastery, the meditation centre or perhaps used by Venerable Yuttadhammo for the nightly online dhamma talk broadcast on YouTube. Useful items can be found on the monastery’s Amazon Wish List. Amazon Wish List

We thank you for thinking of Sirimangalo International Monastery and Meditation Centre. Your support is greatly appreciated. If we may be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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