How To Meditate

This is a version of our How To Meditate videos in edited book format.

To request printed How to Meditate booklet in English, please go to booklet request form.

You can also download a PDF version in various formats:

For viewing on a computer screen or printing single sided:

For double-sided printing on US Letter paper, here (print even pages first, then odd pages).

For double-sided printing on A4 paper, here (print even pages first, then odd pages).

For translations into other languages, please download either pdf or ePub below:


Chinese PDF ePub
Croatian PDF ePub
Czech PDF ePub
Danish PDF
Dutch PDF
French PDF
Georgian PDF ePub
German PDF ePub
Hebrew PDF ePub
Hindi PDF ePub
Hungarian PDF ePub
Italian PDF ePub
Norwegian PDF ePub
Portuguese PDF ePub
Romanian PDF ePub
Russian PDF
Sinhala PDF ePub
Spanish PDF ePub
Spanish (Latin America) PDF ePub
Swedish PDF ePub
Tamil PDF ePub
Turkish PDF ePub

For a series of videos on how to meditate for children, please click here

For a list of frequently-asked questions about the meditation practice in this booklet, please click here


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  2. Hello Bhante, hello Robin,
    i was the one wondering if i could help with the translation of the booklet in Persian and you told me you could contact me with Ali.

    With Metta

    • Hello Ashkan.
      I know it was a very long time ago that you asked about translating Bhante’s How to Meditate booklet into Persian. Is this something you might still be interested in doing? Please accept my apologies for not having an update on this sooner. With kind regards, Robin

  3. Thank You for providing the links and pdf.
    I have been wanting to know about the various practices of meditation for some time.

  4. So happy to have found you here. ?
    Thanks for all your videos.
    ~ Peace & Love *

  5. Hello Bhante ,and thank you for all of your teaching efforts. They are bearing great fruit. I recently added walking meditation to my practice per your instructional video. I have been doing it for thirty minutes prior to sitting for thirty minutes. Prior to walking, I have been sitting twice a day for an hour each sit using the stomach method you teach. And thank you for teaching that method. I had been doing Samatha for about seven years . I must be doing it correctly since it’s as you say, extremely difficult. I am facing the feelings, emotions , and addictive behavior for the first time without creating a ‘happy place’ in which to escape. No wonder the defilements ALWAYS returned with a vengence. I am finally making great progress and you are correct, it’s SO hard but SO worth it.
    Here’s my current problem. Due to walking, my back has become extremely sore. So much out of alignment that the entire walking experience is VERY unpleasant and it’s getting worse. Its the entire combination of movements and postures that are causing a cascading effect from my neck down to my low back and legs. I am doing it exactly as you do in the video, slowly,deliberately, mindfully. I am 70 years old and in good shape otherwise, but this is VERY uncomfortable while I’m doing it and afterwards.
    Any suggestions? I do not want to resort to only sitting again. Thank you again for all that you do. I now consider you my teacher and hope that I can visit for an intensive course this fall. With deep appreciation and metta,
    Tom Fisher/Pittsburgh

    • Greetings Tom.
      Congratulations on your practice! Questions for Venerable Yuttadhammo may be asked on our online meditation website at: There is a tab marked “Ask” for submitting questions.
      With kind regards,
      Robin – Volunteer for Sirimangalo International

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